Top Ten things for Sellers to do to get your house on the Market

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top-10Okay, you want to sell. Dreams of a bigger or smaller house, depending on your circumstances float around in your head. No more snow shoveling, lots of rooms, and a big yard for the kids….. whatever, but you want out of your present abode.  How do I prepare… well here some suggestions.

1. Go find a good real estate agent to help you. Use your network of friends and business contacts to make some recommendations.
2.Get that real estate person in to preview the house first. Maybe 2 or 3 of them. Don’t sign anything with them on the first trip. See if you like them and trust them. Give them the cooks tour. Tell them what you like and what you don’t like. Com on, you really don’t like that useless living room or that Jacuzzi tub that you never use….!
3. Get them to commit to a listing presentation that will include price and marketing. Figure about 2 hours for presenting and answering questions. Hey its probably the largest asset you have, its worth the time to listen. How’d they come up with the price range? What’s the marketing plan? Is it digital? Are they going to use some old school things, like signs, mail outs, open houses etc?
4.Meet and review all documents presented.  There are contracts to sign. Know what you are signing. If you are comfortable and ready to pick go ahead.If you want your lawyer to look at it, fine. Get it to them quick for his or her review. Pick a lawyer who knows real estate law and local customs. There are plenty of them out there.
5. Get the house ready to show. CLEAN IT UP AND UNCLUTTER! Get the drift?
6.Stop smoking inside the house! Get someone in  that you trust to “sniff”. If you have dogs or cats, get an opinion on the odor.
7. Get out of the house when it is being showed. You want the buyers to express their real feelings to their agent.
8. Got an offer. Review with your agent. Make sure there is enough to pay everybody off. Have your agent review your existing mortgage and deed on your house to get a feel if there is anything that might prevent you from selling. There is? Keep that lawyer’s number handy.
9.Make sure your agent monitors the progress of the buyer by keeping in contact with their agent as far as any inspections, conditions, appraisal and mortgage approval. This is where most deals fall apart.
10. Buyers ready to go? Met all the conditions? Keep the house in pristine condition and take care of any problems. They are going to do a “walk through” to make sure you have’nt ripped anything out of the wall or have taken that”favorite rose bush”

Well one more thing…. Go to settlement, get your money and get out of Dodge! Find another place with that great agent and live it up. We’ll talk about buying tips later! Call if you want to talk about it sooner.

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